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Yummy new “Bunwich” range featuring winter favourites.

our spring summer range of sandwiches was such a hit that I have decide to create a winter range.


This set of 2 bunwiches contains plain k/d balsa wood along with one Kale and Basil layer and one Beetroot layer. These slices of balsa are soaked in a strong mix of the relevant juices and then dehydrated.

The new range also contains, shredded Beetroot, Carrot slices, dried Kale, Endive, Nasturtium leaves, Rosemary, Beetroot leaves, Radicchio, Camomile flowers, red Rose petals and of course Timothy hay. Many of these ingredients are grown here or bought in fresh & dehydrated on the premises.

The bunwiches are put together in layers, tied up with natural twine, packaged in a container (the only inedible part) & tied up again with raffia.

Some bun pawrents choose to break them up, give one sandwich at a time while others make their buns work hard by presenting the whole package for them to get through.


Please ensure you remove the moisture absorber before giving to your buns & remember that they are hand made so there will be some discrepancies.


Remember these are treats as they do contain some things that need to be fed in moderation like carrot & beetroot.

Not good for bunnies who are on a restricted sugars diet either.

We have ones to order that have no fruit or root vegetables in them should your bunny have a sensitive tummy - these are the “unsweetened” option in the variety drop down menu.

Winter Warmer Bunwiches

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