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I have been asked quite a bit about when I am going to do our dried fruit again, but this time adding in a pack of dried Veggies as an option.

Time is one of those comodities I struggle to get enough of so I decided to do a mixed selection instead of leafy greens.

Hand cut on site at the refuge, no carrot or root veggies so its no problem if your buns cannot have sweet treats.

This is the perfect pack for when you want to give your bun some variety but cant buy  masses of different veg in order to do that.

40grams of veg takes up more room that 50grams of fruit so it does come in a bigger bag.

Have a look for the other variety we have, The Fruit bowl.


The Veggie Patch!

A 40 gram selection of a vast array of freshly dehydrated green veggies, dried on site at the refuge & a few grown here as well.


Remember that dried foods tastes a lot sweeter than fresh , as the moisture removed in dehydrating is what dilutes the sweetness.


Your 50gram bag was probably 500grams of fresh veg.


The Veggie Patchl may contain all or some of the below veg but from time to time there may be some new ones too.


Kale, Chicory, Silverbeet, Carrot Tops, Rosemary, Sage, Beetroot leaves, Celery, Parsley, Oregano, Thyme, Fennel, endive, Corn Husks, Radicchio, Kohlrabi, spinach, Nastursium Leaves & maybe some Nastursium flowers if we have any.


(Photo is of the actual selection)


Look out for the Fruit companion, the Fruit Bowl!

The Veggie Patch (40gm)

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