Shredder Stack Toy with pine colored with pet safe colours and seagrass mat pieces.

New colours for Spring now available.

Made by Angus & Co Bunny Toys for the Bluey & Alice Bunny Refuge.

In memory of rainbow bridge bunny Simon.

Simple Simon’s Shredding Stack Toy

  • Simon was found wandering the streets near the clinic our beautiful Vet Dr Gloria worked at. He was handed in an emaciated mess with teeth so overgrown he could no longer eat. How he was still alive was beyond us.

    Dr Gloria fed him up until he was well enough to be desexed then I was entrusted with him. si was adopted but only for a short while as it seemed that the starvation had caused brain damage so he was never any good at toileting. Not good in a rental.

    Si lived his life here & got along with every single creature in this house. Not one scuffle with any other buns ever. He didnt have a territorial bone in his body & spend most days snuggled up wth my old dog Annie. They both looked so cute in their rainbow cots that they desperatel needed to keep warm as they aged. Si lived for 4 years after getting here when he should not have survived at all.

    Pics show Simon (pronounced Thymon) after he arrived, begging for treats & snuggled with his bestie.

    Miss you both