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This giant bowl is perfect for scattering your forage or pellets in. Weeks of fun with this one as it’s gigantic! At almost 38cm across & 15cm high its big.

This one belongs to Pepper, my bedroom bun. I sprinkle in her forage, chaff nuggets and pellets and she loves it.

She is a mini x dwarf lop and fits right inside! Note her chew marks already...


Comes with your choice of herbal, floral or rustic forage. Please indicate which one you would like in a message. If no preference we will pick for you.

Pick up is best as the size makes it pricey but we can post. Best if you order lots then its not so bad because we can load the other items into the box.

***So please be aware the postage may look horrendous but we always refund over payments, it should process at our end for $18.95 as it charges at over 5kg so you can add to that for the same price.***

Giant cardboard scratch and chew bowl

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