2 sandwiches that are totally edible & full of deliciousness for your bunny.

The sandwiches are made of balsa wood that has been soaked in herbs, filled with dehydrated veggies & flowers, garnished with hand picked nasturtiums & dandelion flowers safely packed up in a little container.

Each triple decker sandwich is tied up with twine and the pack with raffia. The only inedible part is the recycled strawberry container.

We would consider the sandwiches equal to 2 packs of treats in quantity so have based the price accordingly.

The standard has carrot, kale, celery, apple, marigolds, spinach, lemon balm, mint and Timothy hay. We can also make ones to order that have no fruit or root vegetables in them should your bunny have a sensitive tummy - these are the “unsweetened” option in the variety drop down menu.


Please be sure to select your option or you will automatically get the standard sandwiches.

Bunny Sandwiches