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These super cute bunny bagas have been a long time in the making.

They are hand made seagrass bags with a jute handle, all stitched by hand. The little additions are laser cut untreated pine that we have hand painted with pure fruit or veg juice in varying strenghts so they vary in depth. As an example the heart is pure blackberry juice reduced to a glaze & it has a fabolous colour if not a little sticky & the footprints are raspberry!

All are suitable for your buns except the one with the furry dress, but we are sure there might be some children out there who would love a bag just like their bun!

Each bag comes with a bag of any forage, but you can always purchase a Veggie Patch or Fruit Bowel for added yummies!



Rustic, Lavender, Mint or Rosemary, mostly grown her but all dried onsite.


Furry dress girl bun comes as is with a bag of forage.

Helicopter bun comes as is with a bag of forage.

Moon Bun comes as is with a bag of forage

Footprints come as is with a bag of forage

Bunny love comes as girl/boy, boy/boy or girl/girl (as stock allows) and a bag of forage.



Dewishous dig, snack & chew bag w/filling

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