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This little First Aid Kit is designed to help you stay on top of your buns health and be to help you look after them in the event that you need to contact your vet, you can give them your buns temperatures and weight etc. Keeping good records is something we have found incredibly helpful in managing our buns at the refuge. 


This kit contains the following items:

  • A plastic lidded container with bunny first labels so it won't matter which way ypou pop it in  the cupboard you can see its the bunny first aid kit. (The extra dividers are included too)
  • A Packet of Burgess Dual Care, comes in pellet form but can be crushed to a powder like Critical Care. Use this to mix up your initial Papay mix with.
  • A bag of Calendula flowers to make a soothing eye bath incase of sore eyes from hay dust etc. Naturally if its more severe od does not go in a day or so, see your vet.
  • 5 empty teabags to make the calendula eye bath with so there is no irritating residue
  • A fast read digital thermometre to take your buns temp prior to calling your vet or emergencty centre. Never give pain relief with out your vets approval and always tell them the temperature when you call. Its vital information for them.
  • 5 Sheets to record your buns weight. This is something we do regularly at the refuge & reccommend to all of our adopters. Sudden weight loss, even slight can be a sign of other potential issues. We will have full pads available in the future.
  • 3 capsules of Papain enzymes. Having chefs on our team we are fortunate to have had pone research the impact of the different enzymes on helping to prevent blockage. This will get you started while you make your natural Papaya treats.
  • 1 ice cube tray for your papaya treats.
  • There is a sheet with recipes in the pack so you can make your own natural fresh papaya based treat & feed it once a week to help prevent blockages.  Papain has the highest concentration of Papain, its more powertful than Bromelian. Bromelian is the enzyme from Pineapple, but in order to have it active it needs to be from the juice of core of a green pinapple. Certainly not easy to get naturally.
  • 1 curved tip syringe for water
  • 1 large 15ml syringe for Critival care if ok with your vet.
  • 2 x 1ml Syringes for medications.
  • You can of course set it up anyway you like & store your own (non refridgerated) bunny medications in here too



Bunny First Aid Kit

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