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This cute woven boot of natural fibres is so cute, its perfect filled with your buns favoutite flowers.

Pictured here with my 9 year old rescue bun Pepper, she is just loving the roses & I will be able to top up as I please. Use pellets, chaff nuggets, flowers, rustic forage, anything you like really!

Comes with a choice of fillings but add your own too.


Pepper is a very special girl. She was my first bun after tragically losing Bluey & Alice but prior to starting the refuge. She was advertised looking sad & forlorn in an outside timber cage. I went the next day to collect her. She was 6 months old & being discarded as the young owner thougth she was too big & ugly!

Sadly she lost the love of her life Cinnamon Bun approx 2 years ago & now also lost Salty. She seems to prefer being solo these days. Love that her ears lopped after a few years of being upright!


Bootiful chew boot

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