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We have revamped this favourite bit of fun for the buns who are about to be left at home when the kids go back to school.

Our buns have been spoilt with undivided attention during the holidays, hopefully they will be entertained for some time with this fruit platter.

At the bottom is an edible palm plate topped with site grown dried blackberry leaves (prickles included).

We have infused balsa wood with natural fruit purée in 6 different flavours:

Banana, Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry, Raspberry & Kiwi.

Topped of with some all sorts of dried fruits (dried on site) and bamboo cutlery it will give your buns plenty of variety from flavour to wearing down those teeth, not to mention entertainment.

Dried fruits include Blackberries, Banana, Kiwi fruit, Apple, Blueberries, Mango, Canteloupe, topped with the Nastursiums we grow and dry here. Its then sealed in a vacuum bag to keep it tidy!

As you can see this is a real treat so please don't let the buns have all the fruit in one go, remove most of it and add a bit each day as it wil take time for them to munch on the balsa, cutlery and platter.




This platter is dedicated to darling Simon (aka Thymon). Although Simon had no front teeth he was a real trooper. He should have died at the vet clinic he was surrendered to as he was so underweight due to having teeth so overgrown he couldnt eat. Dr Gloria, now at Vetcall West Footscray, nursed him until he was well enough to have the surgery (approx 3 months) to remove his teeth and we took over. 

We believe Simon had some level of brain damage as he wasnt all there. He showed no territorial behaviours & got on with everyone. I think he would have licked this platter to death!

Towards the end Simon loved his veggies cooked in a broth and he survived 4 years with us. Miss him so much, he was such a character. 

Bun fruit platter

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