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Apple stick hanging toy. Organic, from the refuge apple tree.Made by Bluey & Alice Volunteers.In memory of rainbow bridge bunny Angie.

Angie’s Chunky Apple Toy

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  • Angie was one of the special ones like simon.

    When she came in we thought she was riddled with skin cancer as she had lesions all over her tiny body. It was hideous.

    Our beautiful vet took samples & sent them off for testing. It was a comon fungus, but not ever recorded in a bunny outside of a medical lab. We treated her for 15 months wher she had to be treated due to the fact that she was possibly contaigeous.

    Once given the all clear she was too special to leave so she lived her life with the rest of the pets from the cats to the Maremmas to looking after babies. 

    Angie was boss, of the cats & the 35kg Maremmas.

    Angie died & a PM showed nothing, all tests were clear so we are still at a loss & miss her & her antics everyday.

    Pics show a little of her life here.

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